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Great Uses for the Coverstitch

The coverstitch is a sewists gateway to not only professional seams and finishes, but also offers a wealth of creative possibilities!!

Coverstitching can be found in various garments, adding both functional and decorative elements.

Here are some examples along with some added creativity!

1. T-Shirts and Tops:

Coverstitching is commonly used on the hems and cuffs of T-shirts and tops, providing a clean and polished finish.

Decorative coverstitching along the neckline or sleeves can add a subtle touch of style to casual tops.

Amp up your style with neckline binding or create an unbound neckline for a softer look.

The stacked coverstitch can be a great embellishment for "drawing on fabric" to add surface dimension and express your individual style!

2. Athleisure Wear:

Sporty and comfortable garments, such as leggings, yoga pants, and athletic tops, often feature coverstitching on seams and hems for added durability and flexibility.

Try out Thread Fusion - Thread blending tool for a creatively colorful pop on your seams.

3. Knit Dresses:

Coverstitching is used on the hems and edges of knit dresses, providing a stretchy and neat finish.

4. Cardigans and Sweaters:

Coverstitching on the edges and hems of cardigans and sweaters can enhance the overall look and durability of the garment.

5. Casual Pants and Jeans:

Coverstitching on the hem and seams of casual pants and jeans adds a professional touch while ensuring the fabric edges are compressed and secure.

6. Activewear Jackets:

Jackets designed for outdoor activities may feature coverstitching on cuffs, hems, and seams to withstand the demands of movement and provide a polished appearance.

7. Swimwear:

Coverstitching is often used in swimwear construction to create secure and flexible edges on items like tankinis, swimsuit bottoms, and cover-ups.

8. Loungewear:

Comfortable loungewear, including sweatshirts and joggers, may incorporate coverstitching for both functional and decorative purposes.

9. Zipper Insertion:

I love using the triple coverstitch for zipper insertion to reinforce strength and flexibility. Plus an added touch of embellishment.

10. Casual Jackets:

Lightweight jackets made from knit or stretch fabrics may feature coverstitching on cuffs, collars, and hemlines.

In these examples, coverstitching not only serves a functional purpose by securing fabric edges and providing stretch, but it also adds a touch of craftsmanship and style to the garments.

The versatility of coverstitching makes it a popular choice in the construction of various clothing items.

Join me for a live workshop Saturday, February 10 10th from 12 to 3:30 PM ET covering all things cover stitch!!


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