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Kick up Serger Savvy and Sales

with free YouTube Serger Tip Clips


All Tip Clips are done on an Ovation or Triumph model and each features a different foot, attachment or technique. Invite your customers to test drive a different technique on their own machine or one provided by your store.


In each Tip Clip, I begin with a short introduction to explain a stitch or show the anatomy of a foot/attachment and how it works, followed by close-up video at the machine. Each Tip Clip is presented in clear, chronological order. Pause the video to allow customers to complete each step and watch the excitement (and sales) grow! (These Tip Clips are great for store team members too.)


The number of positive comments I’ve received over the years from viewers worldwide is an inspiration to continue producing these Serger Tip Clips so we can all learn and enhance these skills together. 


All you need to do is subscribe and pick out your favorite Tip Clips to show! Encourage your customers to subscribe as well so they won’t miss a stitch. When you subscribe you will be notified when I release a new Serger Tip Clip. Rest assured your inbox will never be inundated with pesky advertisements. See my collection of Serger Tip Clips below.


We’re always searching for fun, inspiring ways to present serger education to our audience. 

Baby Lock offers the widest selection of specialty feet and attachments in the industry. Plus they can do so much more than their labels suggest! 


Are serger specialty feet and attachments gathering dust on the shelves? These shareable Serger Tip Clips are a great free way to introduce both serger best practices and decorative techniques to build enthusiasm and increase sales.

Learn how to quickly create a playlist on YouTube of your favorite Tip Clips for easy reference. Watch now »

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Serger Tip Clips
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