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Baby Cuddle Wrap

Here’s a great idea for a holiday (or anytime) baby gift.

Great Copy’s Baby Cuddle Wrap #1010 is my all-time favorite baby gift. The construction is super-quick and easy. Minus the embroidery and appliqué, you can cut out, serge and have your baby wrapped up in less than 2 hours.

After cutting the three Polarfleece pieces, I machine-embroidered Teddy’s name and appliquéd his dad’s favorite baseball team logos on the tummy cover. (Can you guess where they live?) This wrap is made from 200 weight fleece but if your baby lives in a milder climate, 100 weight fleece might be a good choice. I constructed the wrap on my Baby Lock Ovation. Test all settings on your serger using scrap fabric.

Here’s the machine set-up:

• 3-thread wide overlock stitch (Stitch Selector A)

• serger cone thread in a 90/14 EL X 705 needle

• 12-weight decorative thread in the upper and lower loopers

• Stitch length: 1.8

• Differential Feed 1.3

Before serging the edges of the hood and tummy cover I used my Mini Wonder Clips to hold the pieces together. (I always pin the top of the tummy cover to keep it out of the way while serging the perimeter.)

Begin and end stitching 6 inches from the top edge of the hood. Bury the thread tails between the fabric layers using a double-eye needle or bodkin. Then give the tails a “snug tug.” Cut the top of the hood in vertical 3/8-inch wide strips. Tie them together with a piece of fleece. (For a girl, it’s cute to tie a bow.)

Tip: Parents can cut a slit for the baby’s car seatbelt to slide through without any problem. Polarfleece is a knit and won’t ravel or fray.

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