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American Sewing Expo 2016

The American Sewing Expo is the largest independent sewing expo in the United States, offering classes, demonstrations, make and takes, contests, give-a-ways, shopping, shopping and more shopping for all types and levels of sewists.

We started off the Expo with my Serger Techniques class: Cool Serg-ical Techniques on Wednesday.

I love teaching. I always feel it's a triumph when people understand how the machine works and they lose their fear of it. Sergers are fun machines! I'm very happy at the end of class when people say, "Now I get it. I'm going to go home and use my machine!"

Excited and Delighted! Thank you ladies :)

Excited and delighted! Thank you ladies.

Bag tassle

I'm in Booth #829

Stop by for a fun Make & Take it zippered bag!

Also I will be going LIVE on Facebook in October for a virtual version of the zippered bag. It's so simple to make and super handy to have for all of your knick-knacks.

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Trendsetter Alert!

Linda Riley from England and me. Linda is a fashion designer and we must have the same taste in buttons! It's been a fun for me to network and connect with sewist all over the world.

Another fun activity has been creating my new pattern Triangulate the Tee! I've created so many different versions I can hardly keep count! Featured in this photo I am wearing Triangulate The Tee the asymmetric hem version and versatile Stockbridge Skirt.

When it comes to pattern designing I like basic simple lines and I like to embellish. If you have a blank slate and a simple line pattern you can basically do whatever you want with it to make it creatively your style. It's also important to me that the clothes I design are nice looking and comfortable! They have to transition well. For example, a pattern might work well in both denim and silk. Versatility is key.

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