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Red, White, Blue (and Green)!

American Flag

Here’s a fun project to use up those fabric scraps from previous projects.

Channel your inner Betsy Ross and make a flag on your serger for Memorial Day, 4th of July, or just for fun! Last year I challenged myself to just use fabric pieces in my stash and buttons from my button collection for my flag. To vary the shades of red, both the right and wrong sides of a variety of fabrics are featured.

flag stripes (wrong side of fabric)

You can make your flag any colors and size you want and use as many fabrics as you like—have fun with it. To create a more textural look, all of the serger stitching is visible on the right side of my flag. I’d love to post photos of your flags on my Facebook page. You can also email to share your beautiful work!

Suggested fabrics: quilting weight cotton, linen, denim.

» Download the flag dimensions diagram.


  • Flag finished dimensions: 45” x 26” (not including casing)

  • Canton (Blue field): 22” x 13 ½”

  • Cut individual fabric pieces: 2 ½” x any length desired

  • Upper seven stripes: 2 ¼” x 23” finished

  • Lower six stripes: 2 ¼” x 45” finished

  • Casing dimensions: variable depending on flagpole circumference

  • You will “true up” the stripes after they are serged together and pressed

SERGER SET-UP to create each stripe:

  • 3-thread narrow overlock; cutting blade is engaged

  • R needle, upper & lower loopers: coordinating thread color RST or WST— optional

  • Alternate stripe colors. Matching the long raw edges, join the fabric pieces for the top seven shorter stripes trimming off a scant 1/8” while serging.

SERGER SET-UP to join the stripes:

  • 3-thread rolled hem

  • R needle, upper & lower loopers: coordinating thread color

  • Stitch length: 1.5 (test for good edge coverage)


  • The upper seven stripes are shorter (2 1/4’” x 23”) because they are joined to the blue canton.

  • RST or WST— optional

  • Matching the long edges, join stripes trimming off 1/8” as you serge.

  • True up the left edge of the top seven stripes.

CANTON (Blue field)

  • The blue canton is seven stripes long. If your stripes are a slightly different dimension, calculate the width and length accordingly.

  • Mark the star placements.

  • Using Jacquard fabric paint, I stenciled stars on denim then embellished each star with a button on top.

  • RST or WST— optional

  • Serge the upper seven stripes to the canton after embellishing it with stars, buttons, beads, crystals or whatever fun options you select.


  • The length of the casing will match the length of the flag + 1”.

  • The width should be wide enough to easily slide onto the flagpole + ½”.

Happy Crafting!

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