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Coverstitch Basics & Beyond

Make the most of your coverstitch machine

Hem your knits professionally with the industry standard for stretch and wear: the coverstitch. You'll master essential techniques to confidently use a coverstitch machine and understand which type of machine is best for you.


Master Your Serger once and for all!

  • 6 Streaming HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access
  • Class materials, including a supply list
  • Hours of close-up instruction
  • Answers to student questions from instructor Gail Yellen



Great Class

Gail - I just have to say Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! for this class. I have had my Bernina serger/coverlocker for a couple of years, and although it has been great as a serger the instructions for cover lock stitches were very poor. I tried out all of your tips and my seams turned out so beautifully! And the little tip of how to end the seam and how to tie off the threads is so perfect! (Why don’t they tell you how to do that in the instruction manual? Would have saved me hours trying to figure it out!) Now I will get much more use out of my machine! Thanks again - one of the most useful classes I have taken here on Craftsy.


Good tips for using the Coverstitch

Not everyone learns in the same way. If you, like me, learn more easily from watching a demonstration rather than reading a manual, I recommend this class to you. Gail provided several tips that I was able to use immediately. I had previously taken another of Gail's classes and find her to be an excellent instructor. Thank you, Gail. Well done.


SUPER CLASS. Extremely helpful. 

Gail Yellen sews out on camera every technique for hemming and embellishment. I've had my CS machine for 5 years and have many hours under its belt, but I've got a whole new set of skills after watching her. I love her confident teaching style --- she explains everything easily and plainly. She's one of my favorite Craftsy instructors, and I've done several dozen Craftsy classes now.


Great Class

 The basics are fairly easy to understand on this type of machine, however, what I really needed was a class just like Gail's. Her class is easy to follow and she provides me with enough information and examples to make me much more enthusiastic about my machine - which will no longer sit on the shelf thanks to Gail! So glad I finally discovered a class on the Coverstitch.


Just what I needed!

Hi Gail, I really enjoyed your class. It was of special interest to me because I have the Ovation serger. I really had no idea you could use the cover stitch in so many creative ways. I really enjoyed your tips on neckline stabilization, I plan to make some t-shirts for myself in the New Year. Wow a five star class for sure!

Cheers, Lidwina


Coverstitch Fundamentals
Meet Gail and get started with an overview of coverstitching. Gail shows you basic stitching, then goes over the features and benefits of a dedicated coverstitch machine and those of a combo serger/coverstitch machine.
Coverstitch Hems
Find out how to coverstitch perfect hems, whether you're sewing on flat fabric or in the round, and how to hem smoothly over a bulky seam.
Triple Coverstitch
Follow along as Gail introduces you to a triple-stitch variation that's perfect for a decorative zipper insertion.
Wide Coverstitch

See how to make beautiful faux flat-fell seams and lapped seams using a wide coverstitch variation.



Narrow Coverstitch


Practice using a narrow coverstitch as you flawlessly hem an unbound neckline for casual or dressy garments.



Decorative Threads & Machine Accessories 


Wrap things up by learning to use some exciting stitch accessories: decorative and blending threads, and the belt loop binder and downturn feller attachments.







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